Nature Discovery Weeks

Indecent! That’s how someone described the sheer numbers of wildflowers around here. And the place is abuzz with insects and butterflies and birds of all kinds. The guidebooks state with some authority that there are more than 2100 plant species in the National Park, and that an astonishing 80% of all European endemic flowers can be found within a 50 kilometre radius of Mairena. Statistics like this can be massaged to suit all purpose, as we know, but whatever the exact numbers happen to be is almost irrelevant in the context of such abundance and extravagant wilderness beauty. We’ve known this for ages,of course, though what now makes us even more keen to showcase all this wonderous diversity is the discovery of an extra special gem: Jorge. For our friend Jorge Garzon, part boffin, part charmer, is one of those special guides whose enthusiasm, nay passion, for his subject is not feigned, nor his keenness for the natural world able to mask his natural charm and wit. He’s equally at home with a class of 10 year olds, a high ranking academic or a bunch of semi-knowledgeable semi-enthusiasts like ourselves. He’s a fully-fledged (pun intended) National Park Guide, and the author of the hefty hardbacked official guide to the birds of the area. In other words the perfect teacher with whom to begin to understand some of the zoological magic and mysteries of the alpujarra.

These are the dates when Jorge will be around to guide us:

  • April 6th
  • April 15th
  • May 16th
  • June 13th

Please let us know if you are interested and we’ll get back to you with exact prices and schedules.

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Chris Stewart Walking and Activity Week - 1st November & 21 February

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Moro Week 15th November

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Some Reviews from the Carrie Yoga 2014

"A heartfelt thank you from me too. For me, last week verged on the magical: a micro-environment where we had got it right, well, apart from some of those backward bends!"
(Carol Bang Christennsen July 2014)

"What an amazing week it was. Looking back I sometimes wonder if it was all a dream; the yoga, the cherry trees, filling our bottles with spring water, the amazing food and hospitality. Thanks so much Emma, David and Carrie."
(Sharon Rigby July 2014)

"Thank you once again to Emma and David for a fab week, with lots of variety of activity. Loved the walks in the Sierra Nevada and more locally. Of course, I really enjoyed the visit to Lola's weaving emporium. I felt completely at home there and could have stayed put!! Relaxing by the pool, reading, eating cherries, and, of course, the main activity of the day - yoga - all made for a really enjoyable week."
(Carrie Granthan July 2014)

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Ashtanga yoga with Kia Naddermier 2015.

Enjoy a week of yoga at Las Chimeneas. Twice daily yoga sessions; in the morning at the Chimeneas organic farm under the olive and fruit trees, and in the evening in a lovely light room looking down over the valley as the sun sets. Specific dates and itinerary are yet to be determined for 2015.
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The first route via Guadix is longer but more time on motorway and less mountain road.  As it crosses a high pass from late October to late April you should check with us first to make sure snow isn’t a problem.    The second route via Orgiva is more direct but more small windy roads.  Both take about 2.5 hours.

Málaga - Mairena via Guadix
Málaga - Mairena via Orgiva
Almería - Mairena
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Alsina Graells - Andalucia's Bus Service with English language bus timetables. Bus routes from Almeria, Orgiva, Cadiar, etc.

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Moro Highlife

Sam Clark and his cookery courses at Las Chimeneas is the main feature in the July issue of the BA in-flight magazine.
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No 1 In The Highlife

The June issue of the BA in-flight magazine lists the 10 best places to stay for trekking holidays.
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Restaurant Review

Read the review of Las Chimeneas restaurant written by Chris Stewart of Genesis and 'Driving Over Lemons' fame

Las Chimeneas is an elegant collection of village houses that has been welcoming guests to the Alpujarra since 1998. There are nine lovely rooms, all with fabulous views across the hills to the sea in the far distance. We provide very comfortable accommodation, with plenty of antiques and books and nooks and crannies, together with a delightful little restaurant that will surprise you by the quality of its freshly made seasonal produce. We have a deep knowledge of the area and are anxious to share our enthusiasm for this place that has been our home for so long. We offer all kinds of holidays, including trekking, bird watching, cycling, horse riding, cookery and yoga. Above all what we supply is peace and relaxation and a genuinely warm welcome. This represents a very winning combination; perhaps it is this that led the British Airways team to number us first amongst their Top Ten trekking hotels in the world in the summer of 2011.

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